What is Jaccede?

According to my mobility, where can I access?

Jaccede is an interactive platform (website and mobile app). Anyone can add details of places open to the public. This helps people with reduced mobility identify establishments that can meet their accessibility needs.

A lack of information on accessibility is one of the greatest barriers people with reduced mobility face. Sharing information on Jaccede therefore has an immediate social impact.

Jaccede also organises events all year round to enable members to meet, raise awareness among the general public and develop the guide. Hundreds of gatherings have already taken place in France and overseas!

What is a Jaccedeur?

Jaccedeur, Jaccedeuse [ʒaksɛdœʁ/øz]
Your name, age and gender do not matter Jaccede members might be users or contributors. They have a positive outlook and work closely with their counterparts around the world. By adding to and updating the Jaccede guide, they provide information for everyone and raise awareness about the importance of accessibility.

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