Get your voluntary organisation or school involved

Do you want to involve your volunteers in accessibility issues? To do something fun and meaningful with your supporters or users? To teach your pupils about our cause ?

Involve them in an "Accessibility Day”

To be of genuine use and to make outings for people with reduced mobility easier, the Jaccede guide needs to have extensive and up-to-date information on accessibility.

Most contributions to Jaccede come from on the ground, so why not join the movement ?

Organisations such as Unis-Cité, Scouts et Guides de France, and the Association des Paralysés de France among others are already working to help Jaccede. You could join in too !

There are 3 stages to an Accessibility Day :

  1. The briefing: What is Jaccede and how does it work? Why is accessibility important ?

  2. Information gathering: as a team, visit establishments open to the public and describe their access facilities objectively, using the Jaccede guide

  3. Meet up and review: after the work, enjoy a break !

The little extras:  
Role-play (wheelchair, walking frame, etc)
When you are used to walking, spending a few hours as someone with reduced mobility is a novel and eye-opening learning experience! You will have a better understanding of why detailed information about accessibility, for everyone's comfort, is so important!

Your Contact: William Atlan

Accessibility Day

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