Ecole Maternelle les Chicotets

Elementary School

130 Impasse des Pinsons, 77120 Mouroux, France


+33 1 64 03 27 63

Detailed accessibility by 3 people


Access : Not level
Visitors visible from inside
Intercom / Call button
Between 90 and 120 cm from the floor
Colour contrasted with the wall
Door opening system : Manual
Width of entrance door (cm) : Less than 90 cm


Wide aisles
Removable furniture
Wheelchair access : Total

Services and facilities

Lavatories / Toilets
Access : Single level, not adapted
Reserved parking

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07/01/16 15:28

à vérifier aussi car si l'entrée est de 0,7 cm cela me parait difficile à franchir avec un fauteuil roulant électrique.

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