Die Kette e.V.

Social Services Organization

Paffrather Str. 70, 51465 Bergisch Gladbach, Germany


+49 2202 25610

Today: Closed

Detailed accessibility by 1 person


Access : Level
Visible and readable sign
The entrance assessed is the main entrance
Visitors visible from inside
Intercom / Call button
Between 90 and 120 cm from the floor
Colour contrasted with the wall
Markings on glazed doors
Door opening system : Automatic or no door
Width of entrance door (cm) : 90 cm and above


Reception desk
Near the entrance
Wide aisles
Adapted lighting
The visual information is readable and understandable
Quiet place
Wheelchair access : Total
There are several levels
Cabin dimensions : Standard (110 cm x 130 cm)
Controls have
Controls at wheelchair level

Services and facilities

Access : Single level and adapted
Meeting room accessible by wheelchair
Staff can assist people with specific needs
Staff trained in accommodating visitors with disabilities


Disabled parking spaces
Near the establishment
Wider than regular spaces
Very narrow
Sloping street
Reserved parking

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