Hôtel Albert 1er


8 Rue Rivals, 31000 Toulouse, France


+33 5 61 21 17 91

Today: Open 24 hours

Detailed accessibility by 1 person


Access : Level
Visible and readable sign
The entrance assessed is the main entrance
Visitors visible from inside
Intercom / Call button
Colour contrasted with the wall
Markings on glazed doors
Door opening system : Manual
Width of entrance door (cm) : 90 cm and above


Reception desk
Near the entrance
Height adapted
Wheelchair access : Total
There are several levels
Cabin dimensions : Large
Voice announcement system
Controls have
contrast numbers
Controls at wheelchair level
Colour-contrast and non-slip stair nosing
Tactile safety strip

Services and facilities

Access : Single level and adapted
Support rail(s) in the shower
Dining room
Meeting room accessible by wheelchair
Staff can assist people with specific needs
Staff trained in accommodating visitors with disabilities
Equipment available
Shower seat
Changing table
High chair for children


Number of accessible rooms advertised : 4
Ease of access to the room
Raised/ Braille room number
Width of door (cm) : 90 cm and above
Turning space of least 150 cm
In front of the bedroom door
In front of the bathroom door
Width space of at least 90 cm on one side of the bed
Bed height in cm (including mattress) : 50.0
Wardrobe rail or shelves less than 140 cm from the floor
Flashing fire alarm or vibrating
Colour contrast switch and electrical sockets
Level access
Turning space of least 150 cm
Transfer space alongside toilets
Height of toilet base : Standard (40-45 cm)
Support rail(s)
Adapted wash basin
Soap and hand dryer between 90 and 120 cm from the floor
Base of mirror no more than 1m from the floor
Walk-in shower
Support rail(s) in the shower
Shower seat : removable


Disabled parking spaces
Near the establishment
Dropped kerbs nearby
Reserved parking

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