Hôtel Libertel Montmartre Opéra (Duperré)


32 Rue Duperré, 75009 Paris, France


+33 1 42 81 55 33

Today: Open 24 hours

Detailed accessibility by 1 person


Access : Level
Visible and readable sign
The entrance assessed is the main entrance
Visitors visible from inside
Markings on glazed doors
Door opening system : Automatic or no door


Reception desk
Near the entrance
Height adapted
Adapted lighting
The visual information is readable and understandable
Wheelchair access : Total

Services and facilities



Number of accessible rooms advertised : 2
Ease of access to the room
Width of door (cm) : 90 cm and above
Lightweight door with ergonomic handle
Width space of at least 90 cm on one side of the bed
Height space of at least 20 cm below the bed
Reserved parking

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