Tribute to Damien


We bring you some tragic news: Damien Birambeau, founding president of Jaccede, has left us. Many of you knew him, and all of you knew what an incredible person he was. Ten years ago, he created Jaccede, to help make life easier for those in need.

Despite his illness, Damien dedicated the best part of his life to Jaccede with unending determination and energy. He was a man full of ideas, and his dream of an accessible world was, and will continue to be, immense.

We are all devastated, but his fight doesn’t end here; not at all. It will never be the same without him but we will continue to fight with even more determination than before.

Jaccede will continue to carry out the many projects that Damien was at the origin of, towards his vision of a more open world where accessibility is the norm.

He will be greatly and sorely missed.

A ceremony was held on Friday 22nd July at 3.30pm at the Père-Lachaise crematorium, 71 Rue des Rondeaux, 75020, Paris.

The Birambeau family requests no flowers. If you would like to make a gesture, they invite you to make a donation to

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